At the end of this monograph I would like to thank all those who have made a significant personal contribution to the creation of this work.

I would like to thank in particular
- my mother, who, despite the modest means with which our family had to make do, gave me an excellent education and always encouraged and supported me,

- to my wife Margitta for the patience with which she put up with the many thousands of hours of work on this subject. This work would never have come into being without her benevolent consent,

- my class teacher and mathematics and physics teacher, Mr. Gellendin from Bad Doberan. He inspired me for the natural sciences, for mathematics, for physics, for astronomy and encouraged my curiosity,

- my German and Russian teacher, Mrs. Abramowsky from Bad Doberan, who taught me, who did not speak a word of German when I came to Germany, the love of the German language, and who was faithful to a humanistic education at a time when this was not a matter of course,

- my university lecturer, Prof. Porath from Güstrow, who taught me to think in mathematical categories, directed and encouraged my curiosity, and who saw mathematics as a means to an end

- my university lecturer, Prof. Estel from Güstrow, who gave the most exciting lectures on physical phenomena I have ever heard in my life,

- Prof. Ihlefeld from Güstrow, who awakened my interest in psychology, and who believed that the soul of a person is something that really exists,

- my doctoral supervisor, Prof. Hans Kaiser from Potsdam, an outstanding systems theoretician. He taught me to look for a path of systems theoretical explanation between cause and effect,

- to all those who, with the works, papers and contributions listed in the bibliography, provided the facts for this theory to emerge. Expressly included are all contributors, especially the textbooks were often written by many experts, to whom we would also like to express our thanks.

- Finally, I would like to thank the experts Prof. Valentino Braitenberg, Prof. Richard Hahnloser, Prof. Ulrich Ramacher, Prof. Heinz Wässle, Prof. Karl Zilles and Prof. Günther Palm, who took up my occupation with this topic benevolently. Unfortunately, Prof. Braitenberg was no longer allowed to critically review this work. May others now do so for him.


Oranienburg, den 11.04.2012

                                                                                  Andreas Heinrich Malczan

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ISBN 978-3-00-042153-2

Monografie von Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Heinrich Malczan